About us

Our mission is to improve the quality of permanent makeup

In our opinion, far too many dubious results are delivered within permanent makeup, and we want to do something about it. Therefore, we offer both basic training and special courses in all branches of permanent makeup, as well as equipment and accessories to perform permanent makeup treatments of the absolute highest quality.

We are the founders and worldwide distributor of PMU-line products developed and produced in Europe.

In our webshop you will find a collection of all the equipment, products and accessories that you as a professional permanent makeup artist need, in order to performe your treatments in absolute the best quality.

A part of Dermatech-Group

PMU-line is a brand under Dermatech-Group, which is a collection of brandt that offer training, pigments and accessories for virtually all types of beautifying treatments.

Under Dermatech-Group you will find:


Training and course center within permanent makeup treatments, as well as manufacturer and distributor of permanent makeup machines and permanent makeup accessories for professional therapists worldwide.


Training and course center in non-invasive mesotherapy treatments, as well as manufacturer and distributor of non-invasive mesotherapy machines, products and accessories for professional therapists worldwide.


Training and course center within invasive mesotherapy treatments, as well as exclusive distributor of invasive mesotherapy machines, products and accessories for professional therapists worldwide..

Kjaersfeldt Permanent Makeup

Clinic for performing permanent makeup, wrinkle treatment and other beautifying treatments for individuals. Located in Vejle.



A collection of brands that offer cosmetic, medical and aesthetic treatments, educations, courses, materials and equipment for both private and professional worldwie


Exclusive distributor of products for eyelashes and eyebrows.


Products for Eyelash Extensions treatments.

By Bexter

Exclusive distributor of products and accessories for Lashlift.

Dermatech-Group HQ

Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt

Aleksandra Kjaersfeldt is the founder of PMU-line. She is an international trainer and master permanent makeup artist.

Over the past 10 years, Aleksandra has collaborated with several quality permanent makeup brands and has gathered extensive experience in pigment quality (consistency, chemical content, color change, durability, allergy friendliness and sterility), as well as knowledge and experience with equipment, safety and healing processes by needles from different manufacturers.

Based on her knowledge and experience, Aleksandra is only satisfied with products of the absolute highest quality - both in relation to what she herself uses at the clinic and what she sells to other therapists. Therefore, all products sold at PMU-line and throughout the Dermatech Group are subject to strict criteria.

Products of the highest quality and safety

A core value of ours is that permanent makeup treatments should look as natural as possible. Precisely this places great demands on e.g. the stability of color in the treatment, which many current brands on the Danish market lag behind. Likewise, it requires a quick and easy healing (which many dream of).

A natural result is something that gives happy customers - and that can become a reality with PMU-line's permanent makeup.

With PMU-line's equipment and pigments, both well-established and completely newly trained permanent makeup artists can create:

  • absolute safety and top quality for its customers
  • a secure future for their business by meeting EU regulatory requirements, which will be part of the forthcoming permanent makeup scheme.

Our products are all EU-certified and approved by the Danish Health and Medicines Authority. We even had an advisory function relation to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's development of the Danish health rules within permanent makeup - precisely because our knowledge of the treatment methods and products is so extensive.

You can therefore expect quality and safety when you buy your products and your training course at PMU-line. If you need further advice within the purchase of products, you are also guaranteed the best advice within permanent makeup equipment and accessories.

You can buy machines for permanent makeup and color pigmentation, various starter kits for our educations and courses, needles, pigments, eyelashes and various other accessories. Our skin products are hypoallergenic and among the best on the market.

The content of glue, glue dissolver and primer does not irritate the skin, as is often the case with similar product types. If you need to expand your knowledge of permanent makeup, we also sell magazines on the subject. We deliver both inside and outside the EU.

If you work with permanent makeup, or have plans to start up in the industry in the future, we advise you to only buy machines and products that have been thoroughly tested and approved by the authorities. The price of the approved products is often higher than non-approved products, but this is because of the difference in quality. Do not compromise on quality, as it will result in poor results for your customers, and thus also for your overall work. You run the risk of your customers getting injuries or allergies. Instead, choose good products and machines that are developed by reputable manufacturers and live up to all legal requirements and recommendations.

Most of our clients are trained therapists and colleagues from other clinics. Professionals who all know what quality means for treatment. Do yourself and your customers the great service of using PMU-line quality-assured machines and products. It always pays to invest in quality and good customer care.